Best Patek Philippe Celestial Sky Moon Replica Watch 5102J-001

Patek Philippe Celestial Sky Moon 5102J-001

Everyone loves Best Patek Philippe Celestial Sky Moon Replica Watch, from celebrity mentalist Charlie Sheen to Robert Downey Junior. But of all the famous owners of Pateks, how many would truly appreciate the genius of the Celestial Sky Moon watch? I’m going to nominate Salvador Dali, who wore the Patek Philippe Moon Phase, another Grand Complication and direct ancestor of the Sky Moon. It does this by superposing layers of sapphire crystal on top of one another, creating a deep, dimensional dial experience that’s as rich with romance and meditative beauty as any in the luxury watch firmament.

Patek Philippe Celestial Sky Moon 5102J-001

But if it were, it would account for the legions of famous Patek Philippe Celestial Sky Moon Replica Watch wearers, historic and present. And the ‘Patek spotting’ thread on the Rolex Forums site. OK, so maybe it is true. After all, if you’ve got a Jason Statham bank balance, you can afford a Nautilus or two.

Patek Philippe is, as someone close to me vouchsafed the other day, the brand Rolex owners wish they could afford to buy. I’m not sure that’s true. Telling the time is a secondary function for the Patek Philippe Celestial Sky Moon 5102J-001. Its primary purpose is to track the slow reeling of the stars and moon through the northern heavens.

And as with all Patek Philippe movements, the finishing is superb. Take a moment to be impressed by the satiny sheen of the Geneva stripes on the bridges. The gold wheels. The snailed plates. Then turn the piece over again, and lose yourself in the night sky.

The massive 43 mm case Patek Philippe Replica Watch is in yellow gold and is water-resistant to a paltry 25 m. Not that any sane person would be taking their ultra-rare Patek Philippe into the pool. (I’m looking at you here, Charlie Sheen).

The 240 LU CL movement is a modular calibre, based on the micro-rotored in-house calibre 240. The module, which powers the rotating celestial discs, adds some 150 extra parts to the movement. You can see the gold micro-rotor switching back and forth through the exhibition caseback, which, like the dial, is sapphire crystal.

It’s polished to an almost impossible shine, and the caseband is engraved with the ‘Calatrava’—the Patek Philippe Watch Replica cross. The bracelet is in blue crocodile leather, and the buckle clasp is in yellow gold. The chapter ring is adorned with Roman numerals, which fit beautifully with the astronomer’s aesthetic.